“Kamala has walked the journey of an elite athlete and teacher. In ‘Working IN,’ she gives us the benefit of her experience with a practical guide for the elite and aspiring athlete. Through the use of yoga techniques, this book provides the athlete with not only an inner path to peak performance, but also a guide to overcoming challenges. You will refer to these teachings again and again.”

— Pat Ahearne, former MLB pitcher and professional pitching coach

“As I moved up the ladder of competition in football, the differences between the athletic ability of contestants grew smaller and smaller. What differentiates athletes at the highest levels is mental. Kamala’s ‘Working IN’ gives you tools to work on this often overlooked area in athletic preparation.”

— Karl Mecklenburg, NFL All Pro, keynote speaker, award-winning author

“As a former major league baseball scout, I know that the practice of yoga can bring a player through stress and exhaustion and establish focus. By practicing the yoga exercises Kamala Nellen describes, an athlete can use heart and mind to go within for success.”

— Dale Sutherland, former MLB scout

“Working IN The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out from the Inside, Wow! Kamala has done an outstanding job putting together information that helps athletes control the mental process of competition.”

— Reginald “Reggie” Grant, MSED, former New York Jet, NFL and Oregon Duck

“As a professional athlete for over 20 years, I cannot even begin to explain the importance of the techniques taught in ‘Working IN’ and what they can do for an athlete’s performance. Once I personally realized that the only thing holding me back from achieving my highest goals was myself I was able to incorporate mental training techniques into my life that truly paved the way to the realization of my dreams. As a professional level coach now, I can say with 100% certainty that continued mental training is the best thing that any athlete can and will ever do for themselves. ‘Working IN’ will certainly be an advantage for future athletes that I can only wish that I had when I started my career.”

— Ian Feuer, English Premier League, US National and Olympic team, Coach; US National Team, LA Galaxy, Pepperdine and USC