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Client Results

  • A baseball player garnered a professional contract
  • A baseball player overcame a season slump and increased his batting averages
  • A ballet company learned skills to navigate a contract
  • A volleyball player set a solid doable plan toward the Olympics
  • A free diver beat the US record
  • A runner remained injury free for the competitive season
  • A baseball player immediately began hitting hard and far and fielding with agility
  • A rower regained shoulder and low back mobility
  • A martial artist’s kick went up 6 inches
  • A softball player recuperated completely in one hour
  • A triathlete regained his stride
  • A volleyball player learned tools for self-management
  • A tennis player increased wins
  • A golfer improved his swing
  • A cheerleader executed a flawless performance in international competition
  • A ballet dancer left performance but entered a thriving career in ballet management