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You may think of yoga as an exercise program to get flexible and fit, or to relieve stress. Yes, yoga can certainly provide those results. However, yoga is also an art—a skill gained through practice. Yoga is also a science—a systemized body of knowledge. Yoga teaches skills in life that lead to lasting happiness. This understanding has unfolded for me over forty years, with commitment and steady practice under the careful guidance of my teachers. Because yoga has carried me through difficult challenges in my life, as well as providing physical and mental benefit, yoga has become my anchor and my inspiration, my path and my goal.

The beauty of yoga is that it works and has worked for thousands of years. The time-proven body of knowledge offered by this ancient science and art has been documented and explained by a number of authors over a vast period of time. Even today, yoga has been adapted to help people from many walks of life and in many situations. Some use yoga practices to balance the body and mind. Others use them to heal from injury, stress, or illness. For some, the use of these practices ultimately transforms their lives. Yoga just plain works!

Careful research has shown that performance-enhancing drugs and steroids compromise both body and mind. Karl Mecklenburg, who played professionally in the NFL for twelve years, once told me that no matter how strong or outstanding a player looked on the field, he could always tell when that athlete was using drugs. He said their reaction time was inevitably a little slower and they were never as sharp as those relying on their own abilities. My hope in offering the Art and Science of Working IN for Champion Sports Performance™ is that, if you are equipped with simple practices and techniques from yoga, you will not experience the need for performance-enhancing drugs, steroids or recreational substances to help you navigate the challenging world of elite sports. It is my absolute conviction that a regular yoga program that includes the right prescription of postures, breathing practices, self-study, and meditation, will measurably increase sports performance and give you highly effective tools to manage your life.

This book focuses on seven stories which illustrate mental challenges faced by specific athletes who worked with Kamala Nellen. Included with each story is a classical yoga tool (or tools), or an adaptation of a tool(s), which was used to effectively address the specified challenge.

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