Feeling Anxious About 2017? Here Is A Simple Exercise From Kamala Nellen You Can Use To Alleviate Anxiety And Tension.

Feeling anxious about 2017? You are not alone. Our country is about to enter a period in which everything that was in place may be substantially changed. Everyone seems to have asked for change, yet no one is certain how the coming change will impact our lives. Some are fearful, others are excited, and many are experiencing varying degrees of those emotions when thinking about possible scenarios for 2017. Change often brings feelings of anxiety and tension because there is a lack of predictability.

The good thing is that you have the power to choose how you respond to change. Why not choose a focus that supports you to feel calm and steady. One way to do this is to focus on what you prefer to experience. Relaxation is a state of being free of anxiety and tension. Everyone needs relaxation. When you give yourself time to relax, you allow body and mind to be rejuvenated. Relaxation leads to renewed energy, creativity and enthusiasm.

You may think that to relax, it will be necessary to spend money on a trip, a spa, or some other purchase. The truth is, achieving a state of relaxation is available to you at no cost; relaxation is a state you create from the inside out, with the simple practice of focus.

Here is the exercise:

Close your eyes. Watch the natural rhythm of your breath. Repeat the word relaxation silently to yourself. Allow the sound of the word to sink into your awareness. What does the word mean to you? Recall a time when you felt relaxed. As the memory becomes more detailed in your awareness, notice what happens to your body and breathing. Savor relaxation long enough to fully experience the sensations this focus brings. As your attention rests in this quiet contemplation, the physiological functions of the body also return to a more natural, optimal functioning.

At any point in the day, take 5-20 minutes out to focus on relaxation. You may decide to make relaxation a backdrop focus for your day. Notice how this focus affects your attitude, your relationships and your productivity.

You are in charge of deciding what thoughts or news you allow to affect your state of mind. You have a choice about where you put your attention. You can choose to close the door of your mind to outside stimulation for a few minutes and enter your own sacred, inner chamber, where you can refresh yourself. And remember this: Nothing can affect your state of mind unless you give it license to do so. Claim your inner sovereignty. Shift your focus to what you want to experience.

Wishing you a year ahead that is both productive and peaceful.

©Kamala Nellen 2016. All rights reserved.

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