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Kamala Nellen is a sports performance enhancement coach and the founder of Coaching for Champions, a consulting firm for professional and elite athletes. Nellen pioneered The Art and Science of Working IN for Champion Sports Performance™, and authored  Working IN: The Elite Athlete’s Guide to Working Out from the Inside. Nellen’s knowledge is a synthesis of her career as a professional dancer and 40 years study, practice, and teaching the time-proven tools from the science of yoga leading to sustained champion performance. Kamala Nellen is also a credentialed life coach, CPC ACC.

Turning Point

The turning point for Kamala came at age 26, when she broke her foot and ended her career as a professional dancer. This was the defining moment, when Kamala began learning how to overcome her physical challenges and to re-focus her energy—perfecting the proven, natural techniques with which she now supports athletes from a full spectrum of sports.

The short-cut to managing stress and pain in athletics is drugs—yet whatever these drugs may be, they are no long-term solution for any athlete.


Kamala Nellen cares about more than just an athlete’s performance. She cares about the athlete’s well-being.  The cutting-edge performance tools she teaches lead not only to top sports performance but also to greater balance and resilience. To find out more:

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