Half day conference for football


Welcome & Opening Remarks – Reginald  “Reggie” Grant,

Professional Sports: The Impact of Health on Families and Relationships 

Former NFL Player, .S.Ed.
Health and the Professional Athlete  – Leigh Steinberg

The Impact of Health on Players, and Families – Brandi Winans, NFL Wife & Founder, Pro-Athletes Transition

Breakthrough Treatment of TBI & CTE – Dr. Harold Kraft

Financial Opportunities for Pro Athletes – Bob Grant, NFL Superbowl Champion & Founder, NFL Players Congress

Your Lifetime of Financial, Physical & Mental Success – Dr. Harold Kraft

Panel discussions follow each topic.

Ww.care. The mission of ww.care si to create effective life changing treatment for head injuries, and the life altering impact on those affected and the families. Our immediate activities will be a Phase 1 clinical trial of TLT, Transcranial Laser Therapy. Clinical trials are very costly. The first clinical trial will be focused on former professional athletes, the results will impact the lives of millions of current and future athletes and their families. The proceeds from this event will go directly to the clinical trials and subsequent treatment. www.ww.care

The National Alliance of African American Athletes. The Alliance presents the most prestigious award in the nation for African American Male High School Scholar Athletes, the Watkins Award. The NAAAA Watkins Award alumni have an impressive 98% university graduation rate. This award has been around for over 25 years and its alumni include Heisman Winner and #1 Over all NFL pick Jameis Winston, Rhode Scholar Myron Rolle, Gerald McCoy, Ted Ginn, Jr, Ben Tate, Muhammad Mossaquai, Justin Blaylock, NBA Champion Shane Battier, Mohamed Massaquoi, Devier Posey, Robert Tate, LaVar Arrington, and many more high profile professional and collegiate athletes.www.naaaa.com

Pro-Athletes Transition, LLC. PTA is Working with former players and families and expanding to High School/College athletes. They are a broad variety of programs, workshops and seminars including: The Family Toolbox, Re-Program You Series, The Stepping Stones OF Life, The Wanna Be Seminars and various outreach programs for current and former Professional Athletes and their families including “Re-Define Your Playbook”. PAT was founded by Brandi Winans wife of a former NFL player for over 30 years. http://proathletestransition.com/

Retired NFL Players Congress.  The Players Congress represents Retired NFL Players and their Widows. It is controlled by and operates for the benefit of same. The Retired Players Congress works to develop business partnerships that creates revenue to serve the needs of Retired Players both collectively and individually. Its aim is to reduce litigation battles and dependence on charity so that we can focus our resources and efforts on identifying new revenue sources for the 18,000+ members. The Congress supports and cooperates with all groups, individuals, and businesses that work to help the Retired Player family. http://www.playerscongress.com/