Athletes Employment Anxiety


Many athletes face employment anxiety and stress as they strive to be drafted or deal with lack of income when they are not working.  When an athlete allows the mind to spiral out of control, it often leads to actions that decrease your chances on and off the field. You have to be able to hang in there, steer your vehicle when the sports road or your life gets bumpy — and set yourself apart from the pack. 

Consider that sports teams not only seek to fill positions, they are also looking for value. Your value increases when coaches see how you roll with what the game and what life hands you: the good, the bad, and everything in between. So, what can you do to manage the stress and increase your value?

From my experience, mental/emotional balance gives greater capacity to handle stress. I have experienced it is possible and doable to maintain self-control, even if you are in the midst of chaos. With self-control, comes increased value as an elite athlete.

One way I empower my clients as a performance enhancement specialist is to give them practices that lead to maintaining self-control. Of these techniques, meditation is my favorite. With ongoing, daily practice, meditation teaches detachment and gives access to a wider awareness. It is also a door to inspiration and increased energy. With consistent practice comes the ability to enter a unique space of flow on and off the field. Athletes have glimpses of this state when they experience the zone in performance; effortless mastery. 

So, when you are waiting, stressed and frustrated, what can you do? Build your value: Work IN! 

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