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Working IN for Teens

The Foundation Program is now available for elite teen athletes age 14-18. This intensive two-week program is meant to be an addition to regular pre season performance preparation. Utilizing time-proven tools from a synthesis of over 40 years of experience, Nellen’s unique approach to performance enhancement is designed to increase performance as well as giving teen athletes a set of practices and techniques to keep body and mind resilient and durable along with skills for self-management.


The Working IN Teen Program is available for local athletes in a 12-week format. Each weekly session of the 12 weeks runs approximately 2 hours.


The Foundation Program for teens is a great addition to sports camps, adding two hours of invaluable training that will give athletes a solid foundation in time-proven tools to increase performance and skills to assist them in navigating the competitive season.

For more information and to set up a program, contact Kamala Nellen.