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The Foundation Program

The Coaching for Champions Foundation Program is a cutting edge approach designed by Kamala Nellen to take your performance from great to outstanding while also allowing you to stay balanced and resilient for the long run. This program will provide you with a strong foundation in using The Art and Science of Working IN for Champion Sports Performance™. Every applicant will receive an initial consultation to determine eligibility for the program.

We recommend taking this program before your competitive season begins and because we seek to accommodate your busy schedule, we offer the program as a 2-week immersion course. The program can be a great addition to sports camps.

The Foundation Program consists of three modules: Physical, Mental, and Self-empowerment. These modules are designed to work together to create alignment, balance, greater healing and resilience so you can focus on the joy of performance.

The Coaching for Champions Foundation Program is invaluable because it complements regular sport performance preparation. Every program gives you a powerful set of tools to take with you and Kamala Nellen’s speciality is to also target customized solutions to your specified challenges.

Our goal is for you to become conversant with time-proven tools that lead to peak performance so you can hit the track running and be prepared to stay resilient and durable during your competitive season.

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The Coaching for Champions Foundation Program Modules